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1. STOP! Take a good look at yourself and your project. Get real and be honest with yourself! If you were an investors, would you invest in your project? Would you risk for example $10 Million in the project? If not, ffuggedaboutit [for get about it] because no one else will! 

2. Do you have any money? Be realistic! You have to pay for numerous fees in advance to secure funding. All investors charge loan initiation fees, which can be 1-3% of the amount funded by them. These fees are paid in advance and are not refundable. For all credit facilities, investors charge fees, which are the cost of them doing their due diligence investigation of you and your project, legal fees, and syndication fees. These fees are legitimate! This can be verified by contacting your local investors. For example, check with your local banks for verification. In the United States of America, you can also verify the aforesaid by contacting the Small Business Administration for its fee schedule.  If you are unwilling to pay these fees, you never will fund your project. Also, do not say you paid advance fees in the past and never received funding! Consequently, you will no longer pay advance fees. If you paid the fees to major lending institutions and did not receive funding, it was because they determined after doing their due diligence investigation concerning your project it was not worthy of funding. Again note, you will be required to pay for the due diligence investigation in advance.  If you know, you and your project are flawed in anyway ffuggedaboutit [for get about it], do not pay any fees! Stop trying to obtain funding because no one will fund your project! The aforesaid will save you thousands of dollars and allot of heart ache. If you continue with your attempts to obtain funding, then you probably are a FRAUDSTER whose sole goal is to cheat the investor.  

3. You must be creditworthy and have equity invested in your project for example 10 – 30%. You must have sufficient funds to pay all the fees plus enough cash flow to sustain your project while you are undergoing the funding process.  Our investors will not provide you with 100% financing. 

4. Please do not waste our time and you time by saying you do not paid the aforesaid fees in advance or you would like to pay the fees upon funding. This is not acceptable to us or our investors.

[from a commercial mortgage brokerage and consulting firm]

To: Applicant-- this mandatory form will help underwriting reduce the time to process your funding request:

IMPORTANT—Please read Application Procedures [SECTION 18].  Please type/complete every question in BLACK INK. Put N/A if not applicable and SEE PLAN if the information is in the Business Plan.

1) Contact Information for the Applicant/Client (who you want us to contact):

Address:                                                                    City:
State/Province:            Zip:                                         Country:
Phone:        Fax:                                            Email:                                              
Website link: _____________________________________________                                          
PROJECT NAME & LOCATION:  _______________________________________________________________________________

2) Funding Amount (US Dollars): What is the amount of funds the Applicant actually needs for the project for all phases, what % of the total project costs does this represent, and when do you absolutely have to fund?
$                                                       %                                               When?

Concerns in Funding this Project / Timing to Close ______________________________________

Are you requesting Debt? or Equity? or both?

If both, how much for Debt _____________________ and how much for Equity? _________________

If a real estate development, what are the hard and soft costs for all phases? _________________                            

If a real estate development, what specifically are you building? (property type) _____________________

How much of your own money have you put in or are going to put into this project?  _________________

What will be the stabilized project value at completion? ______________ By what time frame? _____________

Do you have control of the land/project, by what means, and for how long? __________________________

How many pre-sales or pre-leasing for this project have been completed so far (unit number and total USD$ amount)?
Explain the plan and expected timeframe for further pre-sales or pre-leasing to take place once funding is obtained.

What is the total construction timeframe for all phases to completely develop the project?

What is the status and timing of state and local government approvals?

What is the time frame for final entitlements? What approvals/permits are already done related to this project?

3) Applicant(s) Desired Loan Terms
What loan terms does the Applicant expect?
Loan term: months.
Interest rate: %.
Origination points:
Fees to cover appraisal, EPA, site visit, title work, etc. $

What is the total timeframe to completely repay all loans?

4) Project Description
One sentence description of the project (acquisition, construction/development, or refinance)

What is the reason that local bank financing could not be obtained?

Who else are you working with and why can’t they get your project funded?

Type of property involved:
Location of real estate:  City:                              State/Province:                         Country:
What year did Applicant purchase the subject property/land?
What was the subject property/land purchase price when it was bought?
What is Applicant’s total cash invested into this property to date? $
How much more does Applicant have available to be invested, if need be?
What is the Applicant’s current breakdown of equity in property? $
What debt or back taxes are against property? $
What percentage of subject property is occupied today?    %
Does the Applicant have a 3rd party, independent feasibility study that says that this development is a good idea? …or willing to buy one, if one is required by the Lender?

5) Current Value:
What is today’s current value of subject property in its’ present condition based on the analysis from a nationally recognized MAI Appraisal firm? $

6) Information on PURCHASE ONLY or PROJECT DEVELOPMENT Transactions

Sales Price (for a purchase only) or Projected Development Costs $
Applicant’s Cash Down Payment or Owners Investment$
Seller’s Held Second Lien, if applicable or Secondary Financing$
Any other additional comments you feel necessary to explain purchase, sale, or development project costs:

7) Cross-Collateralization
List any additional real estate the Applicant may have that could be used to cross-collateralize this loan request to lower the loan to value ratio:

A.Property Type:
Location: City: County: State/Province:
Value of Property $ 1st Lien Balance $ 2nd Lien Balance $

8) Use of Funds
Provide a description for what the funds will be used, i.e. Purchase, Refinance, Construction, Development, Operating Capital, etc. (Be Specific, List Dollar Amounts)

What is the other Use of Funds, if any of the funds are not directly related to this specific project-funding request?

9) Exit Strategy
What are the exit or payoff strategy and source of repayment for the funding request?

10) Prior Turn Down
Reasons Why Conventional Financing Could Not Be Obtained

11) Would You Consider A Joint Venture
Would you consider giving up a percentage of equity ownership in this project to a joint venture, if it was the only way to get it approved?

-Yes  -No and if yes, up to what percentage of ownership would you relinquish?           %

12) Information about the Applicant
A. Entity:  Individual  Corporation  LLC  Partnership  Other
B. Personal Credit History (FICO score) of all Principals Involved:
C. Do the Principals have a previous background in developing this size and type of project
D. Is there any outstanding or previous litigation against the borrowing entity or its Officer(s);
    any previous bankruptcy, Federal tax liens, or criminal arrests?
E. IMPORTANT (must answer): Combined Personal Net Worth of primary Principals in U.S.

$                                                   How much is liquid?

F. Primary Principals last 3 years average monthly income(s): $
G. Resumes of each Principal and key management person

13) Budget On Subject Property
What was (is) the income and expenses on subject property. Please do the math. Take out any mortgage interest, debt service, or depreciation from expense side. Do include any reserves for vacancy or management fees since lender will most likely call in a professional management team in the event of a default.  Just fill in the blanks below please:
200820092010 (YTD)
Gross Income
Total Expenses
Net Operating Income
Average Yearly Occupancy %%%
For year 2010, please indicate up to what month the figures are calculated: _____________________

14) Available Documentation and Information
Describe any documentation or information from a reputable "third party" source the borrower has in his possession at this time. Check all that apply:
Appraisal and/or Feasibility Study, when was it done, and by whom - Month/Year:

Title Opinion   Title Commitment   Title Policy, when was it done - Month/Year: 
Environmental Reports:
EPA Phase I  EPA Phase II   Asbestos   Lead base paint, when was it done –
Full Financial Statements Prepared by Third Party
Subject Property   Principals   Corporation or LLC, when was it done - Month/Year: 
Do you have evidence that this project conforms to the zoning requirements?
 Are there any environmental issues?  Yes _____No _______

(If so, what are they?)__________________________________________________________

If this is an alternative energy project, do you have an off-taker agreement (e.g. an Off-take purchaser) with an investment-grade credit rating (S&P/Moody's rating of BBB or better)

If this is an alternative energy project, what is the status of entitlements, permitting, construction, and feedstock and off take contracts?

15) Anticipated Budget on Subject Property (Pro Forma Statements)
If a new venture, does Applicant have anticipated budget calculations for the next 5 years?

16) Additional Comments:
Please include any additional information that would make this project more appealing to a Lender/Investor:

17) How did you hear of our services (if through a broker/agent please specify name)?
IMPORTANT: List the Broker(s) that expect to be paid on this transaction and their fee %

18) Application Procedures: NOTE: XXXXI does not charge an upfront retainer fee to look at a project and we do not require an exclusive engagement from the Client.  We will initially process the Client’s overview of his project for free to determine if it is the sort of project that we want to work on (we turn down initial project funding requests every week). Even though this form will provide basic information for an initial processing review of the Client’s project funding request, the Client should read and agree to what the Application Procedures will be, if after review, XXXX wants to work on the project and do further processing and the Client wants to move forward as well. NO PROCESSING FEE IS DUE WITH THE FILLING OUT OF THIS INITIAL APPLICANT EXECUTIVE OVERVIEW FORM…WE ARE MERELY TRYING TO DETERMINE IF THIS WOULD BE A PROJECT OF INTEREST THAT WE WOULD WANT TO WORK ON. However, even though there is no obligation, the potential Client should concur with these procedures before emailing us back a PDF file of this filled out and executed initial Applicant EXECUTIVE OVERVIEW form. Thank you.

XXXX is a boutique commercial mortgage brokerage and consulting firm. We serve through our mission to be a catalyst to help achieve timely funding results for our Clients. We assist Clients with traditional commercial financing requests but our specialty is working on real estate and business transactions that require creative structuring, that is, “outside the box smart funding assistance”. This structuring can take the form of senior debt financing, mezzanine financing, participating debt, subordinated debt, credit and/or balance sheet enhancement, equity capital, joint ventures, and high leverage financing.

The precise manner in which XXXX will process your funding request is as follows: after the initial discussion, email, fax, and/or inquiry by the Client or broker working on behalf of the Client and receipt of an Executive Overview, XXXX will do an initial processing analysis to determine the probability of securing funding for the Client and also to determine if XXXX wants to work on the Client’s project funding request. If so, XXXX will send an email response outlining to the Client or broker working on behalf of the Client, what specific documentation XXXI will need in a complete package to present to the XXXX Contact underwriting source or XXXX Contact Lender/Investor and the FINANCIAL SERVICES CONSULTING AGREEMENT. After receipt of the complete package and non-refundable XXXX processing fee of $3,500.00 for the overall time, labor, business analysis, mail services, and other internal and external costs on XXXX’s part, that is involved in the attempt by XXXX to obtain funding for the Client’s project, XXXX will then review the complete file and continue processing. If the package is not complete, XXXX may request further documentation so that the review and processing can be as thorough as possible with the information provided; XXXX will then do the business analysis, select the appropriate XXXX Contact underwriting source or XXXX Contact Lender/Investor for that specific project, and then XXXX will package up the file to be sent to that specific, selected XXXX Contact underwriting source or XXXX Contact Lender/Investor for the next phase of underwriting and due diligence.

The XXXX Contact underwriting source or XXXX Contact Lender/Investor will then conduct a careful review of the package. If the Client funding request meets the appropriate criteria, the project will also be pre-qualified by the XXXX Contact underwriting source or XXXX Contact Lender/Investor and a formal proposal will be sent to the Client in the form of a Letter of Interest (“LOI”). The LOI will outline the terms and funding parameters of the transaction available to the Client based on the information available at that time. Upon the Client’s receipt of the LOI, they may visit directly with our XXXX Contact underwriting source or XXXX Contact Lender/Investor to discuss the transaction and ask any appropriate questions, ask for clarifications, or modifications, if needed.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
When the Client comes to a comfort level, and a “meeting of the minds” as to the language in the LOI, agreement with the terms of the LOI, and wishes to proceed, then the Client executes the LOI. The execution of the formal LOI shows “good faith” to XXXX and to our XXXX Contact underwriting source or XXXX Contact Lender/Investor that the Client has read, understands, and is in full agreement with the terms of the LOI. Depending on the protocols of the specific XXXX Contact underwriting source or XXXX Contact Lender/Investor chosen by XXXX, they may proceed based on the executed LOI or they may issue a formal Application. If so, it will reflect the terms and conditions of the LOI. At execution of the formal LOI or Application, an Application fee or other type of fee may be required a XXXX Contact underwriting source or XXXX Contact Lender/Investor from the Client, subject to the complexity of the transaction, travel required, and is determined on a case-by-case basis.

Lastly, assuming that the Client provides in a timely manner all of the needed documentation, 3rd party reports as needed, and complies with all underwriting requirements, funding may occur within 30-45 working days after receipt of all the documentation items required by the XXXX Contact underwriting source or XXXX Contact Lender/Investor. (These procedures may vary based on the Applicant’s funding request and the specific XXXX Contact underwriting source or XXXXI Contact Lender/Investor chosen by XXXX that will receive the funding request.)

I, the Applicant, have read, understand, and agree with the above Application Procedures.

APPLICANT NAME_____________________________________________

APPLICANT SIGNATURE   _____________________________________________

COMPANY NAME_____________________________________________

TELEPHONE _____________________________________________

PROJECT NAME   _____________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS _____________________________________________

DATE                _____________________________________________

Thank you for taking the time to complete this form in order to expedite your funding request.

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