WJS Finders is your best source for professional, value driven low cost finders service.

We have decades of collective and comprehensive knowledge and experience.  Meaning that we are able to provide the most value and innovation per your dollar spent.

We provide a satisfaction guarantee for all services provided.

To define what a Finder "is," you first need to know what being one "is not.":

A Finder Does NOT PRE-SELL. Pre-sellers purchase products from their source, then add on a reasonable profit margin and after they have sold it, they have it shipped to the buyer.

A Finder is NOT a DEALER. Dealers take a service, or product, for continuing sales and promotion. Dealers are responsible for distribution of the service, or product, from the primary source to the buyer or end user.

A Finder is NOT an AGENT or REPRESENTATIVE for the seller or buyer. Agents and representatives are authorized by their clients to negotiate the sale, or purchase, of specific services and/or products.

A Finder is  person who earns fees by being paid to be a "match-maker", that is matching QUALIFIED sellers with QUALIFIED buyers, or vice versa and being paid to do so.
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